Pickleball for All

Pickleball for All

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An entertaining and comprehensive look at America’s fastest growing sport, Pickleball for All is the ultimate primer for any level of player interested in the wacky history, unique rules, and exciting future of pickleball. 

From the history of the game to the basic rules (hint: you do not want to be caught in the “kitchen” during a volley), Simon offers a complete overview for casual and expert players alike. With easy-to-follow steps and expert advice, readers will learn everything they need to know, including information like: 

  • Where and how to set up a court
  • Scoring, gameplay, and equipment
  • Strategies to win at any skill level
  • The difference between a dink, a drive, and a drop shot!

Hardcover, 208 Page

Publisher: Dey Street Books

Dimensions: 5 x 0.84 x 8 inches