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uniquely MODERN.

Express yourself with Work the Metal’s home decor, clothing, accessories and more. Our ever-changing selection is always sophisticated and smart—and always affordable, too. Take a few minutes to browse a selection from our showroom online or stop by our store at Butchertown Market for the full Work the Metal Experience.

We've grown from offering only unique metal products and accessories–hence our name!–to an inventory that features an eclectic mix of gifts of all kinds and prices.

Coming Soon! Mix-and-match sandwiches, soups, and more.


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Jutilicious Bags Jutilicious Bags $19.00
Milk Soap Milk Soap $8.00
Tea Hobnail Candle Tea Hobnail Candle $29.00
Spiral Chrome Fruit Basket Spiral Chrome Fruit Basket $32.00
Vortex Fruit Bowl Vortex Fruit Bowl $32.00
Bourbon Barrel Worcestershire Sauce Bourbon Barrel Worcestershire Sauce $6.00
What Are Little Boys Made Of? What Are Little Boys Made Of? $30.00
Champagne Bottle Cork Cage Champagne Bottle Cork Cage $29.00
Bourbon Balls Bourbon Balls $7.50